Kait deftly holds space for very complex feelings and emotions


Kait is that rare healer who offers such an outpouring of love that one’s own heart opens in response. Her very presence is calm and profoundly loving, and she holds a strong, protected, sacred healing space. During our sessions, I felt bathed in her steady, delighted energy. She approaches the work with curiosity, levity, joy, and groundedness. Kait deftly holds space for very complex feelings and emotions; she is somehow profoundly gentle and lovingly fierce at the same time. She has helped me to look deeply at my blocks to intimacy, and to slowly but surely flower open to be able to accept love in ways that were, previously, terrifying to me. Her wisdom and love helped me to to create a foundation of inner safety inside myself that has allowed me to slowly unfurl into deeper relations with the men in my life.

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