About Me

I know and trust this work because I am committed to it for myself. The uncomfortable edges and blissful fulfillment of my own erotic embodiment are a consistent container for my own growth and learning.

I bring a grounded and loving attention to my sessions to invite whatever edge you are courageously walking, with full approval and lots of encouragement. My approach is gentle and firm, fierce and tender, mischievous and grounded. I am comfortable with a wide range of lifestyles and erotic expressions and I’ll be a creative co-explorer with you into the truth and wisdom of your own living eros.

My relevant studies and certifications come from The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (Certified Sexological Bodyworker), Hakomi Institute of California (Comprehensive Training Level 1 & 2), Charles Muirs’ Source School of Tantra Yoga (Level 1),  OneTaste (Sex & Intimacy Coach, OM Trainer, & Sexual Mastery), Integrative Arts Institute (Intimacy Counselor Certification), Love School residency at Tamera Global Peace Village & Research Center, and Regenerative Design Institute (Certified Permaculture Designer).

I attribute my capacity in these underworld and ecstatic realms to my experience, not only as a bodyworker, but as a farmer, herbalist, Permaculture designer, naturalist, death midwife, energy-worker, animal processor, and hand-crafter. I have spent many years of self-experimentation and research by living in communities of creative non-monogamy and sex-positivity. I have also done transformational work with various plants medicines and I walk my talk of embodiment by dancing, running, climbing, swimming and luxuriating in the sun amidst the wild ones with who share their home with me. Tending the local waters and growing food for myself and my community have long been primary pleasures of mine, as I live, very literally according to the cycles of life, death and rebirth.


I am here on purpose.

Undeniable grace and hard-earned healing have led me here.

This is the co-creative essence that

I invite into our work together.

I am here on purpose. There has been an elegance in the combination of hard earned healing and undeniable grace that has led me here, which is the same co-creative essence that I invite into our work together.

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