Pleasure for the Revolution!

Pleasure for the Revolution!

If you want to be of service in the world,

tapping into the source that fuels your own creative, empowered,

pleasurable life force is a fundamental starting point.

Contrary to the systems of oppression that have devalued intuitive and embodied intelligence for generations upon generations, I propose that there is essential value in each of us developing the capacity to listen and respond to our desires. I believe this is an essential part of the awakening of humankind at this time, not only for ourselves, but for the hope of a better future. This is what I’m here to serve, and I’d be glad to consider you a comrade on this path.

You’re here because you’re a seeker. You know there’s more to life than what you’ve been told. You’ve likely tasted something of the possibility of an authentic life that makes safe and sacred space for deeper parts of yourself to come forward. This is my mission – to create more of those spaces for our full authentic selves to BE – whole and safe, accepted and free. Somewhere down this rabbit hole of learning and experiencing, you must do some serious excavation of judgements about Eros, sex, desire and pleasure. You’re likely here because you’re in one of those moments of examining the beliefs and patterns that are rooted in an oppressive, patriarchal, sex-negative framing. Take heart in knowing that there are tools for Mindful Erotic Embodiment (what I refer to as MEE Time) that open the doors of change that you are seeking.

MEE time is an opportunity to begin the journey of releasing what is inaccurate to your soul and unearth your own embodied truth. It is a courageous step, and I’d be honored to help you take it.

The Bad News & The Good News

The pleasure-denying puritanical paradigm that still informs the western world tells us all that feeling good is a “privilege” at best and “evil” at the seemingly extreme, yet subversively omnipresent. The whole of western “civilization” is grown from the soil that degrades the body and planet, and exalts the mind, demonizes pleasure and deifies pain, suppresses vulnerability and rewards stoic productivity. Polarizing and pitting opposites against each other is as old as monotheism, but I’m not talking history here. These dynamics are very much alive in the flesh and pumping blood of each and every one of us.

The leverage of “power over” has been hugely successful in the conquest of not only certain peoples, but whole aspects of our own psyches – always inflicting such devastating detriment to the whole. By holding sensuality and sexuality in shame, equating receptivity with weakness, fearing and resisting grief & death, and ascribing value only to that which can be commodified, we are still all participating in a culture that teaches us that only SOME of our authentic experiences are valid. We’ve grown up with a popular belief that certain aspects of our hearts and souls are not only not valuable, but dangerous.

Essentially, if you, like myself, grew up in the nature suppressing soil of what we call western civilization, the fruit that grows into your thoughts, behaviors and thereby the patterns that make up your lifestyle and belief system cannot help but be rooted in denial or repression of some parts of your whole authenticity. We’ve lost touch with the most wild and tender aspects of ourselves and our relationships.

The good news is, you are still a living, growing being, inherently woven into the fabric of the natural world, and your relationship to healthy cycles of transformation are built into your hormones, nervous system, your mind and even your sensory body. There is a paradigm shift afoot and true systemic change is calling for your embodied pleasure as fuel for the revolution!

So Masturbation as a Revolutionary Act?

Living Eros is devoted to the reconnection with these vital aspects of ourselves and our culture. I believe masturbation to be one of the keys to healthy self and sexual development and the learning never ends!

We begin by making room for the simple and profound experience of being in our bodies, feeling the truth of a moment, and responding accordingly, with honesty and vulnerability, trusting that we are safe to do so. Now, believe me, I know inside and out that there are PLENTY of reasons to avoid this.

As named already, we are all subject to deep impacts of personal, collective, ancestral trauma and wounding that inhibits safety and freedom. May I propose that a common, universally accessible, and revolutionary remedy for any and all of the harm that’s been done to our human beingness, is the practice of loving attention and permission for whatever is present in each moment. As your commitment to showing up for yourself deepens, you will begin to believe that YOU ARE IMPORTANT and in the welcoming of your whole self, you come to know that WHATEVER ARISES IS WELCOME. This is the dissolution of shame and the invocation of your own Living Eros!

MEE Time

This alone is a revolutionary act that you can begin to give yourself, by committing to even 10 mins/day of Mindful Erotic Embodiment (MEE) time.

By giving ourselves the time to connect with our erotic being and listen to our body, we become conduits for self-compassion, self-care, and become much more resourced internally to show up for our purpose, our people, and our planet. By becoming somatically literate, we undermine the externally imposed standards of sex and beauty and instead come into TRUE love, vast pleasure, and infinite possibility.

If you haven’t already listened, the audio-erotic journey I offer is an opportunity to give yourself MEE time. And there is more where that came from 😉

If you are ready to develop or deepen your practice of erotic embodiment for transformation, I also offer one-on-one sessions and guidance for your autonomous pleasure. Don’t hesitate to book a free consultation call to see how I might serve you, to better serve what you love.

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